Meet HER

Hey Queen! My name is Joss and I'm the owner of Bosmax Beauty LLC. I'm from West Africa and my waist beads journey started since I was baby.

In West Africa, we tie waist beads on our baby waist to track they growth. So when I came here in 2018, a lady saw my waist beads "mistakenly" (In Africa, only your Husband is meant to see your waist beads) and ask me where I got them from. She said I will be happy if you can order some for me too, that she love them and she has been looking for some to wear too.

I started ordering some waist beads from Africa after few more demands and was selling them on Facebook Marketplace. Customers were coming home to tie their waist beads on but waist beads that I was ordering back home weren't long enough, so I got the necessary supplies and started making them myself by hand and then I got my first manual beads spinner and after few months, I got once again my first electric beads spinner.

TO sum Up, I started selling waist beads to share my culture to everybody all over the world, help people to understand the meaning of waist beads and enjoy its benefits. Waist Beads have so many benefits that can help each of us in positive ways.

Wearing waist beads is not an appropriation, but a form of cultural appreciation .
So, no matter your race, your culture, your color, your shape, you are welcome on waist beads bord. There is enough seats for everybody.